Success stories from Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Jennifer experiences less pain after just one acupuncture session and home remedies

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Jennifer is a patient with a previous history of neck and shoulder issues that came in to see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City with a new episode of pain. This time around, she reported feeling a sudden onset of pain in the back of her neck and shoulders, with the right side being worse than the left. The pain on the right side wasn’t only limited to the neck and shoulders, but also radiated outwards into the arm. Jennifer also told us that her pain was intense and prevented her from turning her head and completing many other daily tasks. It was also interfering with her sleep, as she would often wake up in pain.

Jennifer described how bothersome her pain was and explained that her goals from treatment were to return to a pain-free state and gain better range of motion of her neck. She was also traveling internationally within five days of coming to us, and stated that she wanted to feel better with less pain for the trip.

Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City recommends acupuncture and home remedies

After evaluating Jennifer’s condition and diagnosing her with bilateral (both sides) neck and shoulder pain, we decided to assign her to our acupuncturist. Jennifer was then treated with a session of acupuncture and cupping, a therapy in which heated cups are applied to the skin along meridians of the body. Jennifer was also instructed to follow some home remedies to help her improve quickly. She was told to use moist heat on her neck and shoulders, gently stretch in the shower under warm water, stay away from any cold drafts from air conditioners, and examine if there were any stressful or emotional situations prior to the onset of her symptoms.

Jennifer reported feeling less pain, as well as calm and relaxed immediately after her first treatment. She followed the home remedies and then came back for a follow-up three days later. Although she was completely pain on the right side at this time, she still felt some pain and stiffness on the left side. For this reason, the same treatment given to her the first time was repeated once more. After completing treatment, Jennifer was able to go on her trip nearly pain-free.

Jennifer’s story shows how quickly some patients can recover after just one session of acupuncture. At Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City, we constantly strive to deliver the best available care that will lead to the quickest and safest recovery possible, whether that includes acupuncture or other interventions. If you’re dealing with pain of any sort, contact us at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment today. Click here for more information on radiating neck pain.