Cycling and Neck Pain

The nicer weather means many of you may be hitting the road with your bikes. For you die hards, that means you'll spend some long hours spinning your wheels. Those long hours can lead to unwanted chronic neck pain. So we thought we'd offer a few tips to help you avoid this scenario.

1. See a bike ergonomist before you go riding

Be sure to see the bike ergonomist at your local bike shop. You'll want a professional to make sure you are correctly positioned while riding. This helps alleviate and avoid unnecessary strain.

2. Use a pillow that supports your neck properly

Get a pillow made specifically for side or back sleepers. The goal is to keep your neck as straight as possible. Avoid using too many pillows.

3. Stretch before and while riding

Before you start your ride stretch your neck muscles by turn your head to the left and right. Hold each side for 30 seconds. Then tuck your chin to your chest. Again hold for 30 seconds.

Since a lot of your riding time is spent in the aerodynamic position (an end range position) it's important to break the position and give your muscles a rest. About every 30 minutes sit up straight. You can then roll your neck to the left, back, right and front.

It's time to see someoneā€¦

If you ever have pain that radiates to your arm or hand. This pain indicates a more serious problem and you'll want a medical professional to take a look. As always you can call us at the office and we'll point you in the right direction.

So remember, here's how to keep that neck happy:
  • See a bike ergonomist
  • Sleep with a proper pillow
  • Stretch before and while riding

Happy riding! Maybe we'll see you on the road.

To your health,
Jon, Pete and Michelle

P.S. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at the office (212) 317-8303.