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Common Golf Swing Faults

Some people may think of golf as a sport that doesn't require much physical fitness. You see some professionals on TV that look like they have never set foot in a gym. Don’t be mistaken though. The top pros in the world have an intense training regimen that keeps them physically fit and able to play at a top level for many years.

The golf swing is one of the most dynamic motions in sports. Although it is low impact, the golf swing puts an immense amount of stress on the body that can cause it to break down and become injured. Most professional golfers will injure themselves due to overuse where an amateur will injure themselves due to poor swing mechanics and limitations in fitness. In a typical season 60% of professionals and 40% of amateurs will report an injury. This is where the Titleist Performance Institute comes in to play.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the largest collection of golf-specific health and fitness information from the world's leading experts in the game. TPI leads the world in research on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics. A Titleist Performance Institute certified physical therapist understands how physical limitations can translate to faulty swing mechanics and injury.

All of the therapists here at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy are TPI Certified and are ready to help you improve your swing mechanics. Through physical screening we are able to correlate physical limitations to faulty swing patterns. During your evaluation your therapist will perform a comprehensive physical examination highlighting deficiencies in stability or mobility and educating you as to how this can translate to injuries on the golf course. After one evaluation you will walk away with specific stretching and strengthening exercises geared towards improving your golf swing and preventing injuries. The TPI experience will have you ready for the golf course in no time.

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