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  • Scoliosis in NYC
  • Scoliosis in NYC

Don’t ‘wait and see’ when it comes to scoliosis: Get treated with the Schroth Method at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

Screening for scoliosis is a quick and painless test that should be performed on everyone. Most people with an untrained eye are unable to notice curvature in the spine that could indicate scoliosis, and if it’s not detected early on, valuable time can be lost on necessary treatment. Scoliosis most often presents itself between ages 6-8, and it can accelerate at puberty.

Conservative treatment, has been found to be effective in treating scoliosis.

The Schroth Method is demonstrating itself to be the premier conservative treatment method to treat scoliosis. It uses specific exercises to address breathing, stability and balance. The goal is to teach patients to improve their postural alignment with specific exercises and positions to slow their curve progression. Utilizing this treatment can help patients by reducing their pain and improving their lung capacity, quality of life, self-image and posture. Effective scoliosis treatments need to move away from traditional or general exercises and more towards addressing the conditions three-dimensional nature.
Scoliosis in NYC

Jonathan Diamond, DPT Uses the Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Dr. Diamond, PT and co-owner of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy, became interested in treating patients with scoliosis because his wife was diagnosed with the disorder and wore a brace through her high school years for it. He has seen first-hand the effect that scoliosis can have on a patient’s life and what improvements can be made when the patient follows the correct treatment path. Following his interest in treating scoliosis, Jonathan has completed rigorous coursework through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School and is certified in the Schroth Method.

The Schroth Exercise Principles include the following:

  • Axial elongation
  • Asymmetric sagittal straightening
  • Increasing frontal plan corrections
  • Rotational breathing
  • Increasing muscle activation
Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformity of the spine and trunk that involves rotation, lateral translation and collapse. In addition to adults, it can appear in otherwise-healthy children and can progress rapidly as a child grows. In order to guide scoliosis treatments, a physical therapist must identify the following four primary curves in the spine:
  • 3C
  • 4C
  • Single thoracolumbar
  • Non-3C/non-4C
The type of curve a patient has and their clinical presentation will guide scoliosis treatment using the Schroth Method at our clinic. Improper diagnosis with scoliosis can lead to treatment that can cause the curve to progress more, demonstrating the importance of finding the right physical therapist.

Surgery for Scoliosis is a Last Resort

If a case of scoliosis is too severe, surgery may be used to treat it. The surgical procedure for scoliosis is called spinal fusion, in which rods, hooks, wires or screws are attached to the curved spine in an attempt to optimize alignment. Small pieces of bone are then put over the spine to stabilize it. The result of this surgery will not be a perfectly straight spine, but its goal is to balance the spine, improve the curve and make sure it does not get worse.

You Don't Have To "Wait-and-See"

All too often, parents and patients take the “wait and see” approach to treating scoliosis, which can prove to be further damaging if you wait too long. The Schroth Method is a proven treatment that can help slow curve progression and presentation without the need for surgery. The Schroth Method is the only treatment that addresses the scoliosis diagnosis in its true three-dimensional presentation. This is why we encourage patients to empower themselves by having themselves or loved ones treated with the Schroth Method. Following this proven path of treatment can help your child improve posture, breathing and overall quality of life. Dr. Jon Diamond, PT is an orthopedic certified specialist (less than 5% of all PTs have earned this distinction). He specializes in scoliosis treatment in NYC with the Schroth Method and is happy to discuss how this treatment approach could help you, a family member, or friend.

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