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"Great place . Definitely come back"
Nov 03, 2020
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"I'm so grateful I found Dynamic Sports PT. I'd gone to countless specialists for a mysterious ribcage affliction adjacent to costochondritis. Only after working with Jason have I finally found pain relief and improvement in strength and mobility. Jason is kind, patient, and professional, and his exercises and treatments made all the difference for me. Now I can surf again!"
Oct 20, 2020
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"About over a year ago I suffered a concussion. I have been to numerous neurologist but noone was able to help with my symptoms. Even though many months passed, I still had headaches (I was one of those few people with zero headaches before this!), some neck issues and occassional dizziness. The worst of it was when I was spending time working in front of the computer. The prescribed gabapentin and other medications did not help me with my symptoms so I knew I had to look for other options. I have been very scared of anything that involved needles due to a childhood trauma so I was very hesitant when I was told I should try acupuncture. During my first session I told Mila about my fear and she was very understanding and accomodating. She took time to explain the procedure and ease any worries I might have. At first it was difficult to get on her schedule but once we started the sessions she came up with a nicely structured treatment plan and we were able schedule the following sessions smoothly. I have to say she really was patient considering my situation with needles but with each session it became easier. After a few weeks of treatment my symptoms all but disappeared. I was able to start working productively again with my computer. Considering my results as well as the expertise she displayed treating concussions, I think Mila Mintsis is the right person to go if you are suffering from similar symptoms."
Sep 08, 2020
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"I rarely post reviews, but Jon is truly a spectacular PT. He's knowledgeable, funny, and tailors the exercises to your needs (even giving you exercises to do at home). Shoutout to the rest of the staff as well--extremely kind and patient all around."
Sep 03, 2020
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"About over a year ago I suffered a concussion. I have been to numerous neurologist but noone was able to help with my symptoms. Even though many months passed, I still had headaches (I was one of those few people with zero headaches before this!), some neck issues and occassional dizziness. The worst of it was when I was spending time working in front of the computer. The prescribed gabapentin and other medications did not help me with my symptoms so I knew I had to look for other options. I have been very scared of anything that involved needles due to a childhood trauma so I was very hesitant when I was told I should try acupuncture. During my first session I told Mila about my fear and she was very understanding and accomodating. She took time to explain the procedure and ease any worries I might have. At first it was difficult to get on her schedule but once we started the sessions she came up with a nicely structured treatment plan and we were able schedule the following sessions smoothly. I have to say she really was patient considering my situation with needles but with each session it became easier. After a few weeks of treatment my symptoms all but disappeared. I was able to start working productively again with my computer. Considering my results as well as the expertise she displayed treating concussions, I think Mila is the right person to go if you are suffering from similar symptoms. "
Aug 28, 2020
"I have worked with Bridget Dungan for 2 separate injuries. She is excellent. She quickly understands the injury and presents a very workable program. She has tremendous knowledge and can easily convey the knowledge. The office is efficient and knowledgeable as well. I highly recommend the team."
Jul 14, 2020
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"My virtual PT sessions with Bridget have been extremely helpful. I have received some excellent exercises and corrections through visual feedback which have eased my shoulder pain. I also received guidance on my home work set up which was much needed and helped alleviate some neck issues that were starting to arise. Bridget, as always, is great to work with, and I always feel better from our sessions. I highly recommend trying the tele-visits. - Lisa S. "
May 12, 2020
"An excellent group of very talented and extremely knowledgeable physical therapists with a very professional, kind, and competent office staff. I have been a patient of Pete for a number of years now and always appreciate the attentiveness and compassion he consistently shows me. Also, Jason has been a wonderful addition to their team and I know that his positivity will benefit a great number of future patients. Highly recommended!"
Feb 26, 2020
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Feb 24, 2020
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"I came to Dynamic Sports with a shoulder injury that kept me from playing basketball for 5 months. I had already seen a different physical therapist and a surgeon, and I was contemplating surgery. Ashli thought there was still a chance she could get me back to playing without surgery. She worked with me twice a week for 2-3 months and my shoulder saw drastic improvement. I can't say enough good things about her and dynamic sports as a whole! Everyone is professional, friendly, and they know their stuff."
Jan 14, 2020
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Dec 24, 2019
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"I picked Dynamic Sports from an online search for Vertigo rehab. I chose it because it was well located for me and the person that took my initial call was extremely nice and accommodating. (I had called a few others and the vibe just wasn't the same). The facility is nice looking and clean and everyone continued to be extremely nice. Ashli did my vestibular analysis and adjustment and I left feeling so much better. The improvement continued over the next few days and Ashli checked in with me daily via email, which was a very nice touch. I have already recommended Dynamic to one person and would go back without hesitation when needed."
Dec 17, 2019
"Pete and Jon helped keep my healthy for the 2019 NYC Marathon. Their knowledge and experience helped me run a pain free race 2 months after barely being able to walk after a 12 mile race due to knee pain. They are kind, supportive, great at their jobs and funny as hell. Thank you to the entire staff for making my 7am appointments a delight and supporting me every step of the way to my 26.2. Special shoutout to Janet who is the absolute best and helped me get all the appointments I needed even with my crazy work schedule. You are all the best!"
Nov 05, 2019
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Oct 24, 2019
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Oct 22, 2019
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"I cannot rave or praise Jon Diamond of Dynamic Sports enough. I went to multiple physical therapists before Jon who treated my back pain as a one-size-fits-all/cookie-cuter treatment vs. focusing on my unique spine with scoliosis. EVERYTHING that Jon does is tailored to his individual patients. He listens, he cares and he truly does everything he can to improve the quality of life of his patients. It is 100% thanks to him that I went from being in chronic pain after being in a car accident hardly able to do any physical activity without pain, to strength training, rowing, and have regained flexibility so I can do what I love--photography. I'm a wedding photographer and carrying heavy gear while on my feet for 10+ hours is physically demanding. It is thanks to Jon that I no longer dread the physical pain after my photoshoots and can enjoy my work without fear of the physical toil. In addition to being an EXCELLENT Physical Therapist, Jon is also a wonderful resource, he is always happy to answer questions, is funny, and truly kind."
Sep 28, 2019
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"If you’re looking for PT that’s personalized, thoughtful and thorough then Dynamic is the place for you! The staff is knowledgeable and professional. They work hard to find a balance that’s comfortable to you, while still helping you to improve. Don’t go anywhere else, just go to the best! That’s Dynamic!"
Aug 27, 2019
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"All of my early morning appointments were a great way to start my day! Jon was thorough and clear about my treatment needs. The entire staff was incredibly professional and kind. I would recommend Dynamic Sports to anyone!"
Aug 01, 2019
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"Great one on one care in treatment. Kind and friendly staff. Very easy to make and changes appointments when needed ."
Jul 18, 2019
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Jul 18, 2019
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"I recently completed PT for my back. The facilities and instructors are terrific at Dynamic Sports. I have been to many PT centers in Manhattan over the years for various injuries, and this is by far my favorite. Special shout out to Bridgette who was my PT therapist. She was excellent, and showed me new exercises to strengthen my back which have led to dramatic improvement in the strength of my core."
Jul 08, 2019
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"Came to Dynamic Sports PT with an injury to my calf. Jon helped me get back to running and I feel great! Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Great PT staff and great front desk staff!"
Jul 01, 2019
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May 08, 2019
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"The best! Super organized and will have you back in fighting form amazingly fast."
Apr 08, 2019
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"I believe that this is one of the best Physical Therapy practices in Queens. I say that because of the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff. Everyone I have met there has been just great, and the result has been remarkable progress in the healing.Pallavi the amazing therapist amongst all is doing a great job guiding her staff and maintaining the whole programme.jinu,jyoti,juhi all of them doing great ..wish luck for them ..... recommend for sure"
Mar 07, 2019
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"Fantastic!!! They take great care of you and are very knowledgeable. I particularly like their focus on athletic movements and exercises. I highly recommend Alan."
Mar 07, 2019
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"Alan helped me recover from a baseball shoulder injury and increase range of motion, strength, and stability. Thank you, dynamic sports PT!!"
Mar 06, 2019
"I had a great experience at Dynamic Sports Physical therapy. The staff is well educated and good listeners. I’m surprised how quickly my pain was resolved by their therapies. Would definitely recommend."
Feb 26, 2019
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"Their Team is nothing short of amazing!!! I received excellent PT services from both Pete and Bridget before and after my hip-replacment surgery, and the collaboration between them allowed me to schedule appointments with greater convenience. Not only did the exercises and treatment significantly reduce my pain levels, but i made a very speedy recovery which I credit them and HSS with. They were very knowledgeable of what to expect with my Surgery, and their “coaching” really alleviated much of the anxiety I had headed into the Hip Replacement. They deserve a 6th -Star in the Rating!!!"
Feb 23, 2019
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"I have seen Jon at Dynamic Sports PT to help with recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery for torn lateral meniscus, and recently for various medical conditions in my lumbar spine and sacrum. Years ago at another PT location Jon helped me with cervical spine issues and an injured toe/foot (torn tendons/ligaments). I highly recommend Dynamic Sports PT. They are also on the outpatient list for recommended PTs at Hospital For Special Surgery in NYC where my orthopedist is located. Pam Makie, LMT, DIPL. ABT, NCCAOM —They all are also really nice folks!"
Feb 22, 2019
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"Great place with friendly people. You get the full attention of the therapist treating you. They really know what they're doing and have helped me more than once. Highly recommended. "
Feb 19, 2019
"They go over every detail in their evaluation. Very personal attention and making sure to get you back to your active life style. Wouldn’t go any where else if it wasn’t for Alan."
Feb 18, 2019
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Feb 13, 2019
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"Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy is unique to most PT facilities because each session they work to evaluate your progress, and tailor the exercise routine based on how your body is responding. This is in stark contrast to facilities I've visited in the past where your routine is determined in the evaluation session, and after which little personal attention is paid to you. In addition to this, each session includes manual manipulation of the problematic areas, helping to provide relief and facilitate progress in a way that could not be achieved by simply exercising alone. On a personal note, Dynamics Sports has taught me to live with a challenging permanent injury, and kept me active playing the sports I love despite what could have been a limiting injury. I can not say good enough things about this organization and all the employees there (front and back office staff)."
Jan 21, 2019
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"Dynamic Sports came recommended to me by my world-class surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery. I was recovering from two major knee surgeries that are pretty rare, especially when done back-to-back, and I was told that "no one knows cartilage like the therapists at Dynamic Sports." Sure enough, it was without question the best physical therapy I've had in my life. They have convenient hours (with appointments starting at 6:30 a.m.), a friendly office staff, and they even worked with me with issues surrounding my insurance. All of the therapists are absolutely fantastic, but since I had Jon, I have to sing his praises. Jon is amazing. He is incredibly attentive, intuitive, and thoughtful about what course of action to take considering new developments day-to-day. Added to that, he is a really nice, friendly man. I have never had such one-on-one care at physical therapy, and I was never left to my own devices or told to do exercises while he worked with someone else. Any time there were a few minutes of overlap between patients (which was rare), I still felt like I had Jon's attention and he was watching to make sure I was performing exercises correctly. I was in treatment for eight months, and every time I went for a post-op apportionment, my surgeon was amazed at how much progress I had made. He said it was basically unheard of that I could recover from that kind of procedure in the way that I did. And I credit that to the work that Jon did and the at-home exercises he had me do. Jon helped me relearn how to walk, and looking at me now you wouldn't know anything was ever wrong. I wholeheartedly recommend Dynamic Sports, and there is no way I would go anywhere else for physical therapy in NYC. The level of care is just unmatched."
May 14, 2018
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"They really know what they are doing. I've been to other PTs, and Dynamic Sports is by far the best!"
Apr 26, 2018
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"After a nasty fall, I was left with diffuse discomfort/pain that extended from my neck/left shoulder area to my left leg. The multiplicity and poor coherence of symptoms I manifested complicated any attempts at diagnosis and treatment of my condition for 18 months. I was starting to lose all hope of recovery when I was finally referred to Bridget Dungan—physical therapist at Dynamic Sports. Bridget immediately revealed herself to be a true maestro, orchestrating all aspects of my recovery with precise methodology; first, she took the time to listen to the overwhelming number of symptoms I listed without discrediting any of them. She then carefully evaluated which articulations, muscles and joints needed release. Finally, she designed progressive and logical exercises for stabilization and core muscle reinforcement, covering both my lower and upper body. Bridget ensured that I made steady progress by adjusting the nature and intensity of my exercises over the course of my 6-month treatment program. Equally important, she explained to me the purpose of each exercise she prescribed, made sure I would never feel pain, and empathized with my injury, truly taking my personal objectives for recovery to heart. For all this, I am immensely grateful to her and the superb staff at DS, especially the reception desk."
Jan 03, 2018
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"Visited here for treatment for a few weeks. Pete and Jon in particular were both great. All staff were super friendly with a relaxed atmosphere. Compared to the previous PT place I visited for the same issue the difference was night and day."
Oct 29, 2017
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"DSPT is fantastic! They are super knowledgeable, the practice is extremely accommodating, and their support staff is top notch."
Oct 27, 2017
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"I trained with Alan at Dynamic Sports for 6 months on a couple of problems. I wholeheartedly recommend both Alan and Dynamic Sports for anyone considering physical therapy. The environment is very welcoming and professional and never crowded, and the office is open at convenient times (both early and late). Alan was excellent. He was very patient and friendly but also extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of physical issues. If I ever aggravate an injury, I'll go back for sure."
Oct 04, 2017
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"Dynamic Sports is the absolute best place for physical therapy and I cannot say enough nice things about Jon (and Pete) and the practice! I saw Jon after ACL surgery and in case you skip the rest of my review have had a really fast and impressive recovery and have Jon to thank. For a fairly serious surgery, there are very few checkpoints with your surgeon after and your recovery relies heavily on your PT. Jon is incredibly knowledgeable and I knew I could trust him to tell me what to do, when I was ready to incorporate new exercises (and when I shouldn't) and helped me set realistic expectations. He was careful, but also let me do things I was ready for not holding me back unnecessarily (some PT places told me I couldn't run for 6 months!). My speedy recovery alone would've been worth it, but if you are going to PT once or twice a week the environment helps! Jon and Pete are incredibly professional, but also set a very collegiate atmosphere and I found myself actually really enjoying coming to PT. My weddings was 6 months from surgery and at that point I danced in 4 inch heels for many many hours, went for a 5 mile run the day before and did not think about my knee once. Dynamic Sports was not the first PT place I tried (and was less conveniently located to my home and work) but it was a decision that I think not only had me back in action much more quickly, gave me peace of mind during my recovery process, but which will also impact the long term success of my surgery."
Sep 19, 2017
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"This is a great place for PT! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Jon has taught me more about my condition and how to manage it. So thankful!"
Sep 15, 2017
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"Great team of physical therapists in a clean space and a friendly environment. I got treated for a patellar tendinitis by both Jon and Peter and they got me back to running in a short time."
May 23, 2017
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"Excellent customer service, ease in scheduling an appointment. Clean, spacious offices and equipment space. Super friendly staff. One of very few places for vestibular therapy if you suffer from BPPV (Benign Positional Proximal Vertigo) and you don't have to wait 5 weeks to get in! Five stars! So glad I found you guys "
Jan 20, 2017
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"Staff was super knowledgeable and friendly. They seemed genuinely interested in helping me and making my life better, and I felt like not "just another patient". They take a lot of pride in what they do, and I always felt like I was in good hands. I'd recommend to anybody."
Jan 19, 2017
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"I've spent some time working with the crew at DSPT. They are a fantastic group of people to work with. Not only are they great for physical therapy, but they also offer acupuncture with Mila Mintsis, which really helped straighten out my back. If you never had acupuncture before, give it a shot! Mila is terrific at what she does and the environment is very relaxing. All in all, a terrific experience."
Aug 01, 2016
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"My wife and I have been to Dynamic Sports for several injuries. Every time we have left feeling stronger than before. The team at Dynamic is great. Although we would like to have avoided the injuries, we loved working with them."
Jul 01, 2016
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"Jon and team are just absolutely terrific! Highly recommend them to all"
Jun 23, 2016
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Apr 29, 2016
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"I have worked with Jon for the past 2 plus months in an effort to avoid surgery for my herniated/sequestered disc at my L3/L4 vertebrae. I could not have asked for a better experience both on a personal, one-on-one level, or in terms of the results I achieved. Jon's work has helped me to avoid surgery and to heal to the point that I feel like I am more or less back to normal and am far more knowledgeable about my condition and how best to address it moving forward; precisely the objectives of physical therapy. If I ever need physical therapy again, Dynamic Sports PT is the only place I will go."
Mar 25, 2016
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"Excellent team ! Worked with almost each one of them there and they are awesome. "
Sep 30, 2015
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"My entire experience at Dynamic Sports was very positive. The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable from the time you walk in the door. Aaron has helped me to regain my independence. I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much. Carol Brewer"
May 29, 2015
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"I would highly recommend Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy to anyone! I had to go once or twice a week for a total of about 6 months before and after my arthroscopic hip surgery. I worked mostly with Jon, but also had a handful of appointments with Pete and Aaron. They were very knowledgable about my hip condition. They also seemed on the up about all the latest PT treatments available--they would often tell me how they were spending their weekends in classes and conferences. In addition to being at the top of their game professionally, all three of these guys (plus Iwalani, who I never personally worked with, and Janet at the front desk) were very friendly and easy to get along with. I got to know Jon pretty well and always enjoyed chatting with him, which made the long slog through rehab a lot more tolerable and--dare I say--fun."
Apr 18, 2015
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"My experience at Dynamic Sports was great. Convenient location and a super friendly staff made this a great experience. The staff made all of the logistics easy on me, as opposed to most places who put the burden on the customer. Really expansive office hours which made making appointments really easy. Worked with Jon who was fantastic and solved all my issues. Jon was really easy to get along with and developing a relationship with him and the rest of the staff made the experience even better. Equipment and space is all new and clean. Not one complaint. No question that this is where I would return if I needed PT again and would unequivocally recommend Dynamic to anyone who is in need."
Apr 09, 2015
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"Most effective physical therapy experience I've ever had! (and I've run the gamut!) I've worked with Aaron, who has helped me overcome issues with joint stability and muscle efficiency due to problems with flexibility and asymmetry. Great, thorough assessment process (postural / movement / range of motion) coupled with targeted manual therapy and customized, specific movement patterns that actually do address correcting the problematic imbalances. After doing my corrective exercise homework assignments from Aaron, I've had great results; my body is performing better now than it has in the past decade! I really love the specificity of care and the attentiveness of my therapist. I would recommend this clinic to anyone, and especially to athletic people suffering from chronic orthopedic issues that they just can't *quite* pin down. Thanks guys!"
Mar 22, 2015
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"The staff at Dynamic Sports PT is extremely professional, compassionate, talented and informed. They use cutting-edge technology that has helped me above and beyond methods I've found elsewhere. I've had a variety of injuries and gotten total relief and recovery at Dynamic Sports. The therapist I've seen is Iwalani Crush --she is exceptionally diligent and knowledgable. She always explains everything and is amazing at calming the anxiety and worry that come with being injured. Her skills and understanding have guided me out of pain and helped me gain strength so I can participate in all the things I want to do. I am forever grateful to her and all the staff at Dynamic Sports, who have always treated me with dignity and helped me get the relief that seems so impossible to find."
Feb 20, 2015
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"Iwa Crush is a knowledgeable, insightful, charismatic, and compassionate physical therapist. I first arrived at Dynamic Sports PT in November 2014 with radiating costochondritis (rib cage pain) from surfing and training. Now, in February 2015, my rib cage pain has definitely decreased both in intensity and frequency. Iwa's detailed approach of addressing each physical problem from the root (rather than just treating the symptoms) is not only beneficial but also restorative for the whole body. I am now back to surfing and enjoying the winter waves. I look forward to continued progress in the future with Iwa and with the whole Dynamic Sports PT staff. Surfs up!"
Feb 19, 2015
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"You can't get better treatment anywhere else! I have been to other places throughout Manhattan and never had the kind of one on one care and attention that this incredibly smart and talented group of therapists give. Not to mention, I actually enjoy going! It is a fun and friendly atmosphere. Lot's of laughter and hard work combined. Two of the best forms of medicine you can get! "
Feb 18, 2015
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"I was recently a patient of DSPT for two unrelated problems (pulled left Achilles tendon and then a partially torn right hamstring). I had never had PT before and was not sure what to expect. However, both times the practice worked on me conscientiously, professionally, carefully, and successfully! They always held to their schedules and never kept me waiting for my appointment. The facilities are clean and up-to-date. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone needing PT. "
Feb 17, 2015
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"The therapists at Dynamic Sports helped me return to my sport (running) healthier and stronger after injury (a calf strain and stress fracture). Jon identified an asymmetry in my movement, which was likely an underlying factor in two successive stress fractures, and designed a program to help strengthen my weaker side. He instructed me in resistance and strength training, which I followed very strictly while unable to run. The exercises and weight routines gave me a sense of purpose during my recovery period, and they have continued to inform my workouts. Many runners focus on building mileage and overlook the importance of strength training (I was one of them), and I suspect this is often a contributing factor to injury. Going to PT was always a pleasure -- the Dynamic Sports facilities are clean, new, comfortable, and welcoming. All the staff are excellent and kind: fellow therapists as well as office administators. I hope not to be reinjured in the near future, but if I need PT I will definitely go back to Jon Diamond and Dynamic Sports."
Nov 20, 2014
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"Nothing but great things to say about the help Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy gave me. I went here to rehab after back surgery and would strong recommend them to anyone."
Nov 17, 2014
From Google
"Was "forced" to try this practice out due to severe hip/leg pain that was going on year two...SO GLAD I DID. I am not a huge believe in chiropractors, acupuncture, or physical therapy as I just find they are hooki-pookie, and I was just as apprehensive of this type of therapy. But the friend who swore by it is a true athlete and if he was encouraging me to do this, I knew I had to. Wow...why did I go for so long with such great pain? Pete and his team are just genuine people...and what they...actually works! I have checked in with Pete for a few issues over the last two years and it has helped wonders. What I appreciate the most about them is that it isn't mandatory that you meet a certain amount of visits. They let you play by ear on how you are REALLY feeling. They actually respond to your emails and concerns and work with you on what you need to get you back in order. I have made sure to recommend them to as many friends as I possibly can and give them my word that if these guys can't help you, well, no one can - ha! So glad I took the chance on them."
Jan 30, 2014
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"I started working with John after my operation for a total knee replacement. When I entered his office I was in extreme pain. Jon's expertise and gentle manner helped me regain my full range of motion. In addition he completely eliminated nerve pain I lived with for over 2 years! Jon and his team are knowledgeable and caring physical therapists. His staff at the front desk are always helpful and pleasant. Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy is a wonderful happy place in which everyone improves and leaves stronger than they were before injuries or surgery. I highly recommend the entire staff. They are the best!! "
Jan 24, 2014
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"The entire team at Dynamic, from reception and administration, all the way through to the team of very professional physical therapists, is outstanding. After suffering a torn ACL, Jon and the team immediately helped me rehabilitate (Jon came very highly recommended from HSS, with good reason). That world class care began pre-surgery, and continues today, four months post surgery. Rehabilitating a torn ACL is a very challenging process, yet Jon and his team have helped me successfully navigate that process every step of the way. "
Jan 23, 2014
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"I tore my ACL two days prior to Hurricane Sandy. After limping around for two months, I finally decided to come to Dynamic and get some Pre-Op physical therapy. After the FIRST session, I was finally walking without a limp. After 6 weeks of PT, I decided to delay my surgery (with a busy work schedule, 90 hour weeks during Tax season). After several months of contemplating whether or not to get the surgery, I decided to go for it. On October 14th of this year, I finally had the surgery, almost a year since I tore the ligament. Two weeks before the surgery, I called Dynamic back and they set up my appointments for the next 6 months!!! Besides their expertise and years of helping athletes get back on the field performing at higher levels than before, they develop such a connection and bond with you that it makes you feel welcome and part of their family. I'm exactly 99 days since I had major knee surgery. My orthopedic, who is highly regarded in the tri-state area recommended me to Dynamic and I'm glad she did. I highly recommend Dynamic for anyone who needs physical therapy. Great office, great location, easy to get to and a group of expert who have great character and personality! "
Jan 22, 2014
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"I was referred to Dynamic Sports PT for post-surgery shoulder therapy. Aaron took an amazing level of care to keep my recovery progressing at the best pace possible. I always looked forward to sessions, and always felt tangible progress afterwards, especially with Aaron's assigned home exercises. All of the physical therapists are professional, willing to answer any questions and make the time there enjoyable. I recommend them to anybody who needs PT in the area."
Sep 25, 2013
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"Top Notch Friendly Service from the front desk staff to the PTs! Plus a great locker room. Initial consultation was extremely thorough and really got to root of my back issues. Working with Michelle was a pleasure, always one on one professional treatment. Being a golfer, another plus was the Titleist TPI certification at DSPT, after going through the TPI tests I received a great golf oriented fitness/strength program. Overall, treatment was a success! Nothing better than having your pain and discomfort disappear! Thanks DSPT!"
Aug 01, 2013
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"For me this has been THE place to go not just for top notch PT and best techniques and care, but for really smart therapists who give great instruction for getting back to the activities I love to do. They've helped with both shoulder and knee issues at various times - resulting in the speediest recoveries possible. Pete, Michelle, Jon and Aaron are all amazing."
May 15, 2013
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"I have been a patient of Dynamic Sports on and off for the past 5 years. They have helped treat me for a variety of issues - a torn labrum, plantar fasciitis, and chronic knee pain. I have found the entire staff to be extremely knowledgeable, competent and attentive to my personal needs on every visit. Jon Diamond has been my main caregiver and he has been wonderful to deal with both personally and professionally. The care I have received at Dynamic has been top notch. I really can't say enough good things about this practice."
Feb 12, 2013
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"Over the years dynamic sports has saved my bacon with sports-related injuries I've sustained. The entire team there is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile to help ME go the extra mile. "
Feb 12, 2013
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"I worked with Pete but all the PTs at DSPT are terrific - providing great professional care. Highly knowledgeable, extremely competent and thorough, friendly, and scheduling was a breeze. No layers of staff or assistants to work through like you might experience at a larger facility. At DSPT it's simply top one-on-one care. "
Jan 16, 2013
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Our clients have been referred by some of the top names in orthopedic care because they know their clients deserve the same experience, knowledge and care you're sure to receive when you attend Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy.

  • Our referring doctors also appreciate our commitment to your success.
  • We're readily available to discuss your progress and any special accommodations you may require.
  • We even personally hand deliver your evaluation for their review.
"My experience at DSPT was great. The atmosphere was friendly and professional. The personal attention, attention to detail, and knowledge about my injury made the rehab process much easier."

- Dan K., Knee Surgery
Captain, 2004 US Olympic Foil Team; 2004 US National Foil Champion;
2003 Pan-AmericanGames Gold Medalist; 7-Time Member of the
US World Championship Fencing Team

"I honestly don't know what I would have done without Jon, Pete and Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. Having a serious knee injury is a frightening experience, surgery, pain, the unknown, but Jon and Pete took all the fear away. They got me ready for my surgery and saw me all the way through to running pain free. They are professional, caring and knowledgeable. They treated me with respect and kindness, if I ever had any question or concern they were right there with the answer. They actually made an intimidating, long process fun! I am stronger now than I was before I was injured, and that is a true testament to their dedication and commitment to me, and everyone they come in contact with. I spent months in their capable hands and witnessed first hand how important every client is to each of them, no matter how serious their injury. I am so thankful for the experience I had at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. I hope I never experience another injury. But if I ever do, I know exactly where I will go for treatment."

-Linda D., Writer, ACL Tear

"When I arrived at DSPT, I had back and groin pain. Jon asked many questions and diagnosed the cause. Within a few weeks the pain the was gone. What sets Dynamic Sports apart is the personal attention you get. I've been to other physical therapy places that are overcrowded and you are passed to an assistant from the therapist. At DSPT, Jon and Pete seem to really care. I was very pleased with the service and with the results."

-Scott B., Bloomberg, Back and Groin Pain

"I would like to start off by saying that you have made a difference in the quality of my life. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, I was told by my doctors to be very conservative with my exercise routine due to the fact that I had a double mastectomy. Over the course of the past 5 years, Peter has helped me to be in the best shape of my life. I have gotten strong and toned and have not had any injuries. Not only are you both very knowledgeable physical therapists but also, you are both personable, caring and so pleasant to be around. I look forward to my weekly appointments and hope to continue to feel as strong and healthy as I do today. Thanks."

-Jodi G., Cancer Survivor

"Finally, I've found a place where the therapists actually take the time needed to help me to recover from my various injuries. I first came to DSPT after partially tearing my inner thigh muscle. Unlike other physical therapists (and being athletic, I've been to quite a few) who do a bit of ultra sound, apply a bit of ice, hand out instructions for home exercises, and then send you on your way, Jon Diamond took the time not only to thoroughly test me so that he had an accurate diagnosis of my specific problem, but also did everything necessary - ultra sound, physical manipulation, deep massage,exercises, ice, and more - for my recovery. When I returned months later with a strained rotator cuff, I received the same time, care and commitment. And to top it off, both Jon and Pete are really nice guys who make coming to physical therapy, which in the past was not high on my list of things to do, an enjoyable experience."

-Claudia H., CTACC, Life coach for first time moms,

"Working with Jon was a great experience. He was very organized & set goals for me right from the start. He would have just one patient in at a time so that he could dedicate his full attention to that patient. He put in a lot of work into educating me about my shoulder & why I had to do each exercise. His idea that we were working as a team to get my shoulder mobile encouraged me to diligently do the home exercises he prescribed for me. He also made me aware of each aspect of my progress & that worked well to encourage me to push myself. Besides a much stronger & mobile shoulder, I've come out of physiotherapy much more health & fitness aware. Thanks, Jon!"

-Ashley F., Programmer - Bloomberg, Shoulder Surgery

"I came to Dynamic Sports PT with an injured foot. John and Pete traced the root of my problems to hip weakness and stability problems. They designed an exercise program for me that not only healed my foot but greatly increased my over-all body strength, range of motion, and flexibility, which ultimately helped me to excel in my race times."

-Hilary L., Foot Injury

"I really felt like it was important for you guys personally, not just professionally, that I get better. Your positive attitude and energy during treatment made it easier for me to remain committed to the exercises at home. I bought a bike this summer and have been able to be much more active again."

-Josh P., Investment Banker, Hip Injury

"I would not have been able to run the London marathon without your help! When I first started coming to you in December I had unbearable pain in my IT Band and could not run for even 1 mile. Thanks to the strengthening and balancing exercises and work we did to correct my running form I was able to safely increase my mileage and successfully finish all 26 miles in April pain free!"

-Danielle C., Compliance Officer - Bank of America, Knee Injury

"I had gone to two different facilities before, one that did deep tissue manipulation which only aggravated my situation and I couldn't even work or sit. The other therapist only made me do Kegel exercises and one yoga pose. The doctor recommended Dynamic Sports where he sends all his athletes. I was intimidated as I figured that I would be working out with huge football players and other professional athletes as I am not that fit or athletic.

When I called, I got to speak with Peter Schultz who was so kind and easy to speak with. He worked around my schedule and got me in two days a week. He was gentle and had such a wonderful approach that always made me feel at ease. Within a short time, I was off the pain/muscle relaxers and was doing a lot of stretching and core exercises which felt great! My posture was improving and my sciatic pain was diminishing. I was even doing more walking and could actually sit in a movie theater to watch a show without squirming in my seat from pain.

Peter knew when to push me and when to tell me to take a break. I only had the pleasure of working out once with Jon when Peter was away and he too was very attuned to my health. Several times at the facility, I would meet other patients and we would all share our success stories.

I would highly recommend Dynamic Sports for physical therapy especially if you are so fortunate to get to work with Peter and Jon! I definitely would use their services and send my family to them! If you want to get well, this is where you should be!"

-Linda W., Back Pain

"It is my privilege to offer my personal experience of Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. Peter Schultz and Jon Diamond have imbued in Dynamic Sports a rare philosophy in modern medicine. They repair the body and spirit by dedicating themselves intellectually to the science of physical therapy while remaining sensitive to the individual concerns of their patients.

There can be no criticism of these men in their good work. They are modern miracle workers and they continue to better themselves by learning, creating, and employing new techniques for individual patients."

-Timothy D. M., General Counsel- Citibank, Knee Injury

"I came in to your office 5 months ago as a skeptic. Having gone thru an ACL replacement, back injury and a mediocre physical therapy treatment, I was not sure if you could really help. I had poor range of motion, suffered from frequent pain and stiffness, and my leg strength was very poor as well.

Right from day one, when you took pictures to show the areas of my weakness, explained the goal -which was not get better but to get to where I had been prior to my injury, reassured me that I was finally in the right place.

Since then, I have progressively improved. My range is nearly normal and I have never been stronger. There are set backs at times but your reassurance and support have been helpful. Each session has been a step up from the previous one and I feel pushed and challenged every time. Your undivided 1:1 attention during treatment is really appreciated, not to mention, the many a times, when the sessions have gone beyond the scheduled 45 minutes.

Its treatment, it's a work out, it's motivating but most importantly - its fun. Thanks for everything."

-Chandrika S., Psychologist, ACL Surgery

"I was very pleased with my therapy and results achieved at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends."

-Tina L., Foot Surgery