February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015 Newsletter

Happy February Everyone! We hope you are all staying healthy and warm this winter!

We have exciting news to share with you this month:

We are proud to announce the addition of a pelvic floor program to Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy.

Iwalani Crush is a physical therapist at DSPT with experience treating men & women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction resulting in pain, weakness, poor posture and injury/surgery.

Here are 5 quick links regarding pelvic floor health and why our new program is so important for you.

  1. In bipedal beings the pelvic floor takes upon the additional role of helping to stabilize the pelvis and support the spine" during movement.
  2. "Tighter does not equal stronger. It's just tighter." -Katy Bowman
  3. The timing and amplitude of [core] contraction is vitally important in providing control to the joints of the back and pelvis/hip with core training & strengthening.
  4. Correct posture promotes and enhances pelvic floor, deep abdominal, and diaphragm muscle activity.
  5. Four Pelvic Floor Myths: 1) It's okay to leak during heavy exercise 2) It's only for women 3) It only has to do with incontinence 4) It won't make you a better athlete.

For inquiries or booking an appointment, call DSPT to get back on track to living with an active, healthy body!