February 2019 Newsletter

You Matter

February, the month of love To celebrate, let us share with you some ways to practice self and shared love this month:

  1. Self-Love is a necessity in today's society. But how and where does one start? Just like when you're starting a fitness regimen and building muscles, self-love takes time and consistent practice to foster a healthier way of living. Here are 8 steps toward fostering self-love as per Psychology Today.
  2. Heath, wellness and disease touch each of us differently. So, how does one with an injury/illness/disability cultivate self-compassion, even on the hardest and most painful days? Healthline authors Catlin and Leggings offer their insights on how to practice body love in the face of chronic illness.
  3. According to the field of psychobeuroimmunology, what goes on in the mind is always reflected in some way in the body. To love the body, one must acknowledge the mind-body connection and the role of mentality/emotions in the disease and healing process. Here are some insights into managing our mind-body connection toward taking control over our health.
  4. DSPT Acupuncturist, Mila Mintsis LAc, recently wrote a clever blog article on 7 Reasons to Give the Gift of Acupuncture for Valentines Day.

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