January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

Each new and passing year brings about reflection, resolve - for things we are grateful for; for things we wish to change or make better; for where we were before and where we are now.

A long time client of ours recently shared with me her personal journey through overcoming her chronic low back pain - her highs, her lows, her realizations and turning points, her changing viewpoints on her body and lifestyle on her path to healing and overcoming her pain. She is the inspiration for this first newsletter of 2018. May you all lead on a more empowered note.

10 Methods/Perspectives on Managing Chronic Pain

  1. Accept and change the way you think about [your] pain to minimize its impact on your life, negative responses, and degree of severity.
  2. Daily stretching and moderate/low impact exercise to keep muscles conditioned to improve strength, flexibility, and pain levels.
  3. Pacing activities throughout the day and week to reduce flare ups/setbacks.
  4. Daily relaxation techniques (ex. Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Acupuncture).
  5. Practice Mindfulness.
  6. Retrain your brain's processing and negative/anxious/fearful interpretation of pain via desensitization.
  7. Apply distraction techniques, especially those with positive associations.
  8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy w/ a psychologist to help in coping strategies and support networks toward pain management and associated depression/anxiety/loss.
  9. Improve sleep.
  10. Improve dietary habits and decreasing/eliminating alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Most importantly, we here at DSPT are here to professionally manage your journey toward healing your whole self, mind and body. Give us a call to see what we and our network of specialized health care providers can do for you!

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