June 2019 Newsletter

p>Welcome to summer, all! After a spring hiatus, we welcome the new season, which in itself is full of changes, transitions, and new opportunities. See what lies ahead for us at DSPT this summer:

  1. As clinicians, we pride ourselves on educating one another and keeping abreast of changing medical knowledge for the rehabilitative field. On Thursday, JUNE 27th, from 3-4pm, DSPT will host a special guest lecturer from the Hospital for Special Surgery: Dr. Gregory DiFelice. Dr. DiFelice is a surgical innovator and has developed several cutting edge surgical techniques that allow him to save patients torn ligaments, rather than replacing them. We invite all past and current clients of our practice to come to this special inservice lecture, where Dr. DiFelice will be presenting on ACL Reconstruction. Come join us!
  2. Starting the month of June, we would like to welcome our new orthopedic and pelvic floor therapist on staff, Ashli Bottino, PT, DPT! Ashli received her PT degree from Rutgers University, and hold a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.
  3. On September 21-22, our DSPT therapists will be sponsoring the ZOOT Westchester Triathlon in Rye, NY. In addition to our sponsorship, we will have a treatment tent prior to the event, where our therapists will be performing ART, Graston, SFMA Screens, Rock Taping, stretching and dry needling for race participants.
  4. In May, the FDA released changes to their guidelines on (chronic) pain management, in an effort to promote a multidisciplinary approach over a purely pharmaceutical one. The guidelines now recommend that US doctors get information about rehabilitative care and acupuncture as therapies that might help patients avoid prescription opioid over-reliance. Progress!

We here at DSPT are here to professionally manage your journey toward caring for and healing your whole self, mind and body. Give us a call to see what we and our network of specialized health care providers can do for you!

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