Kids and Lower Back Pain

Whether you’re rushing to get the kids into their car seats, cleaning up their room or just helping them get ready for school, these daily “kid” tasks may be putting you at risk for unwanted back pain.

The problem comes from when you get a bit less mindful about things like posture and proper body mechanics. This happens simply because you’re in a rush. And when you’re in a rush to get things done, something simple like picking up a toy can put a pretty painful kink in your day.

But your kids know something you don’t about avoiding back pain

Next time your kids are playing, watch them very closely. You’ll notice something pretty amazing. When it come to posture and body mechanics they instinctively do everything perfectly.

  • Kids get close to the ground and lift with their legs
  • Kids hold objects close to their body
  • Kids turn their whole bodies instead of twisting from the waist

Your kids are amazingly smart when it comes to avoiding back pain

In fact, if they’re old enough, encourage them to remind you to do things correctly when they see you moving the wrong way.

Here’s a great way to remind yourself:

Imagine a giant spotlight shining on your chest. Your job is to stay in that light. So when you need to get low, keep your chest up and in the light. This forces you to keep your posture in the proper alignment. It helps you avoid bending at the waist and rounding your back.

When you’re carrying your kids, keep them close to you and in the spotlight also. This way you don’t put too much strain on the back muscles. If you can let the kids do things like get in the car seats themselves, then just buckle them in.

So to avoid back pain:

  • Encourage your kids to remind you
  • Keep your chest in the light and posture upright
  • When you need to get low, take a knee
  • Keep kids close to your body when you lift and carry

We know life gets hectic. Especially when kids are involved. But if you’re mindful of the tips above, your back and family will thank you for it.

To your health,
Jon, Pete and Michelle

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