March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter

Hope you had a great February! We have 4 things for you in this month's newsletter.

  1. Recent studies have shown that the side plank elicits the highest maximal contraction of the glute med (hip muscle). Lack of stability in the glute med can lead to all sorts of problem. Try this advanced side plank variation to prevent glute weakness.

    If this is too difficult, try the modified side plank or the static side plank.modified side plank

  2. "Movement becomes habit, which becomes posture, which becomes structure." - Thomas Myers
  3. Make sure you catch some Z's! A British study of 4,300 people found that "non-restorative sleep" is the biggest risk factor for the development of widespread pain in older adults.
  4. You might not want to read this if you're sitting down...

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