March 2021 Newsletter

It's time to "spring forward!" Let's kick off the season with some announcements:

All of our PT's are vaccinated! We were happy to have the opportunity to receive the vaccine and continue to protect our patients and staff with the highest standards of safety.

Courses our therapists are taking:

Jon Diamond recently took a course on Fascial Manipulation, which is a manual therapy technique that recognizes the fascia as the conductor of movement. This allows us to examine the connections between the different pathologies within the patient, setting up a global personalized treatment that returns the whole system to its physiologic balance. Fascial Manipulation refocuses the therapeutic attention from the treatment of the consequences to the treatment of the cause of a patient's symptoms.

Pete Schultz has been further exploring how our central nervous system affects our experience of pain, and how we can use this connection to heal. He recently took the following courses: World of Hurt Pain Classification and Central Pain Mechanisms, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT for Pain, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for management of persistent pain.

Bridget Dungan is continuing her journey through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), taking the Upper Extremity course last month. NAIOMT teaches advanced techniques and places strong emphasis on biomechanics, mobilization/manipulation, and the interaction of the extremity with the spine.

Jason Ryu took the Post-op Management of Barbell Athletes, by Barbell Rehab. An avid Crossfitter himself, Jason has a passion for helping his patients get back to their strength training routines after injury.

Mila Mintsis took a course on Self-Care for the Face and Neck, which focused on proper jaw alignment and tongue placement, and how misalignment can affect the neck and facial muscle development. The course also taught techniques for self myofascial release and lymphatic drainages at the face and neck.

Have you ever watched yourself run?

The weather is turning and we can finally take our workouts outside. It's a great time to lace up those running shoes and hit the pavement. Did you know Dynamic Sports offers running evaluations? Good running form can help to prevent injuries and improve overall performance. Do you have pain with running? Taking a look at how you run, can give insight into why you hurt. We perform a video analysis on the treadmill as well as a functional movement assessment, and then provide you with a personalized exercise program designed to improve your running. Give us a call if you want to schedule an assessment!

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