Massages for $20 or Less

How to get a lifetime of deep tissue massage for $20 or less

By Michelle Briancesco, DPT

Imagine if every night when you got home you could treat yourself to a deep tissue massage.

The best part about it - the cost. It could all be yours for a one time fee of between $10 and $20. Now that's a deal, especially in this economy.

There's a bit of a catch of course. You'll have to let gravity do most of the work. But you won't have to worry about a tip! Yes, I'm talking about the wonderful pinpointed massage power of the foam roller.

What's a foam roller?

The foam roller is between one to three feet long and about 6 inches round. This firm piece of foam gets the job done when stretching just isn't enough. Sorry this sounds like an ad. But sometimes it's the simple things that offer the greatest relief. We use this tubular roller as part of your treatment for those times you need to get deep into those hard to stretch spots.

How does the foam roller provide a deep tissue massage?

You lay on the foam roller, and well...roll, on your tendons and muscles. Using your body weight to loosen up the tight spots. Most people use it on the hard to stretch ITB band, that long tendon along the side of your thigh. A major source of knee pain.

Does using a foam roller cause pain?

Not hurtful pain. A good pain. That relieving pain sensation. Once you find that sweet spot in your tight muscles the roller goes to work. Use it everyday and after a few weeks you'll feel the results.

There are times you wouldn't want to use it

Like on a new injury. It's best not to use on bone either. But otherwise the foam roller provides deep pinpointed massage you can do yourself.

For quick and simple relief - the foam roller
  • Use everyday for tight muscles
  • You'll feel results after a few weeks
  • Improves flexibility

If you haven't tried the foam roller already, just ask next time you're in the office.

Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage!