May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

Happy May! Check out our spring season tidbits in this month's Newsletter:

  1. Foam Rolling for flexibility? Current research shows evidence that foam rolling can improve flexibility short-term for up to 10 minutes post AND long-term when it is performed on a regular basis of 3-5 times per week for 20-60 second intervals. Interestingly, foam rolling has also shown to enhance knee joint range of motion toward the performance of exercise--specifically, lunges.
  2. Mindfulness in medicine? When seeking medical care to treat a new or already existing condition, the associated anxiety can make communication and the participation in one's care challenging. To maximize on the experience and outcomes as a patient/client, start by being mindful. Likewise, as health care practitioners, we must also exercise mindfulness to continue providing the highest quality of care and empathy!
  3. Different muscle activation patterns in squats? Much scientific nerd love to Chris Beardsley of Strength & Conditioning Research on comparing muscular activation patterns with front vs. back bar squats via EMG study.

    Chris Beardsley Report

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