Muscle Imbalance and Feet

Did you know your feet can reveal problems with your lower body alignment?

These alignment problems are often a sign of an imbalance, where something in your body is too weak or something is too tight. This imbalance can often lead to a more significant problem like hip pain or a knee injury.

If you're training for the marathon the last thing you need is an injury to get in the way. So here's a quick and simple method for checking-in with your lower body. This way you'll be able to spot an imbalance before it becomes a major problem.

How to use your feet to spot an imbalance

A lot can be told just by looking at the placement of your feet. Where your feet rest naturally gives us insight into your body's natural alignment. If something is off, your feet will tell us.

Here's what you need to do:

March in place for a count of five. Once you've finished, stand still.

Now look down at your feet. Are your feet parallel to each other and your hips? Or is one foot turned out to one side more than the other?

If you notice one or both of your feet turned to the side, that's an indication there's something out of alignment. There could be something going on with your hips, your knees or the muscles in your legs.

Your feet are acting as an indicator

Your feet are telling you something is wrong. They're telling you something is too tight or too weak. Over time this imbalance can become a major problem. Especially as you increase your training and put more stress on your body.

What should you do if your feet indicate a potential issue?

Call us. We can help you locate the source of the imbalance and develop a routine to either increase the flexibility or strength of a particular area. It's better to catch a potential problem before it causes major damage.

So take the March Test and see how you do

March in place for a count of five. Then check the alignment of your feet. If one is turned out to the side it's time to investigate for the deeper issue.

Give Janet a call at the office, she'll find some room in the schedule for you.

To your health,
Jon, Pete and Michelle

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