September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

Happy September! As summer comes to a close, and we usher in the fall season, we are reminded of transition and change.

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal and undergo changes over time toward adaptation.

In a recent article covering several placebo vs. real acupuncture experiments, researchers found that placebo acupuncture can ease short-term pain BUT the real thing might help to measurably reverse the underlying pathology of a disease. Moreover, neuroscientists are finding that real acupuncture can affect opioid receptors and nerve transmission speed compared to placebo groups over an 8 week period!

Similarly, physical activity can have an effect on the neuroplasticity or ability of the brain to heal as well as physical fitness parameters over time. Also, the increased blood flow promoted by exercise can boost immune function in healing damaged soft tissue. My how amazing the human body can be, and our role as practitioners in facilitating it!

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