September 2020 Newsletter

Mark Phelps with cupping marks

Happy September, the Fall is here! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy and can get outdoors and enjoy this season!

Have you ever seen an athlete with circular marks on their body, like Michael Phelps here, and wondered where they come from?

The answer is cupping!

Mila Mintsis, Doctor of Acupuncture, uses cupping often in treatment, especially for pain management, here at Dynamic Sports.

So what is cupping? And why is it such a craze among athletes?

  1. Cupping is a type of vacuum therapy that involves placement of cups on different parts of the body to create a lifting effect. It draws tissues out creating a decompression and promotes blood and lymph flow and proper oxygenation of the local tissue.
  2. Cupping helps to manage chronic and acute pain. Improved circulation due to cupping, resolves inflammation in the tissue, which helps with stiffness and pain.
  3. Cupping increases range of motion. Vacuum effect created by cupping releases fascial compartments, which allows for better glide in tissues and increased range of motion.
  4. Cupping reduces swelling. Tissue stimulation from gliding cupping promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps with fluid buildup.
  5. Cupping treats scar tissue. Sliding cupping allows for necessary separation of adhesions and allows for tissue nourishment, making it more pliable and absorbent.
  6. Cupping promotes Parasympathetic Mode. Don't we all need this?! When performed properly, cupping is non-aggressive, feels good, and is calming to the nervous system. This promotes a healing response and allows for better recovery.

You can read more about the benefits of cupping in this guest blog by Mila.

Mila was also featured in an Allure Magazine article on the benefits of cupping. See what she has to say about the marks!

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