Stability Ball

By now you know the importance of stabilizing your core muscles. Every movement you make depends on these muscles supporting you properly.

Without the proper support there's an increased risk of injury.

How do you reduce this risk of injury? By training the stability of the core muscles of course.

One of the easiest ways to build the stability in your core muscles is by adding a stability ball to your workout.

What is a stability ball?

A stability ball is a bouncy, blow-up ball. It comes in different sizes. And is used quite a bit in rehab. It's used to increase your flexibility, to strengthen your core muscles, to improve your balance and for strengthening in general.

How does the ball improve your stability?

Normally when you exercise, you do so on a stable surface. This means that you can target a specific muscle group without much involvement from the core muscles. But when you add the stability ball to the exercise you remove that stable surface.

The ball wiggles and in order to maintain your stability the core muscles must activate.

For example:

If you were doing an exercise like the bench press, where you lay on your back and press the weight away from your body. It's normally done on a stable surface, the bench. But if you move the exercise to the stability ball you add a new level to the exercise.

By laying on the ball, instead of the bench, you have to worry about falling off the ball. So instead of just working your arms and chest, you have to contract the other muscles that allow you to keep your body steady.

This means that the stability no longer comes from the bench but from the body. So you're getting a double benefit by using the ball.

But what if your goal is to build strength?

It's true that by using the ball you won't be able to lift as much weight. But in the long run it's best to mix up your training, with and without the stability ball. This way you work the core and strength muscles.

Can you do too much stability ball?

Yes because you're constantly working your muscles. You don't want to over do it. Even though sitting on a stability ball all day seems like a good idea you could end up with an overuse injury.

Summing up:

  • Add a stability ball to your workout routine. You'll progressively work your core muscles, reducing the risk for injury in your everyday activities.
  • It's easy to get started. Just sitting on a stability ball, without weights, builds your core muscles.
  • So try it out next time you're in the gym.

To your health, Jon, Pete and Michelle

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