Ensure you’re getting the most out of your golf swing by focusing on proper mobility and stability

If you happen to golf regularly, even if it’s on an amateur or professional level, chances are likely you’re not 100% pleased with your golf swing.  All golfers strive to continue improving their swing, and due to its numerous components and complexities, it usually becomes a career-long process.

Though not a single factor that affects the golf swing is to be overlooked, two of the most central components of the swing all golfers should focus on are stability and mobility, particularly in the shoulders, thoracic spine and hips.  In order to maximize the power and performance of your golf swing to its fullest potential, each of these parameters needs to be strengthened.  Improving these factors will not only give you the most from your swing, but will also reduce the likelihood of experiencing pain and other golf-related injuries.

Shoulder stability

  • Shoulder stability is essential for a powerful golf swing, and without it, flexibility and strength in this region won’t be nearly as efficient
  • Tip: Incorporate shoulder strengthening exercises into your exercise routine

Hip stability

  • Extremely important for both power and efficiency, as poor hip stability may cause a sway/slide and may cause the ball to hook or slice
  • Culprit is usually weak hip abductor muscles (outside of thighs), which will lead to unstable or excessive hip movements
  • Tip: Develop strength in core, especially deep abdominal, spine and hip muscles; also try to avoid side to side movement of the pelvis during backswing and follow-through

Thoracic (central back) mobility

  • Almost as important as the hips: poor thoracic mobility will decrease the power of your swing, and can cause issues in the lower back, shoulders, neck
  • Thoracic spine is built for rotation, flexion and extension, and proper form with good posture uses the spine correctly and rotates it a long way
  • Tip: Fully rotate thoracic spine at top of backswing, and extend it into follow-through

Good posture is key for a proper golf swing, so it’s also recommended to work on your posture throughout the day, especially while sitting or reaching down for something.

Though these tips are sure to help you, most golf swings need to be worked on individually, so come see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City.  All of our therapists are TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified, and will be glad to assist you in improve your swing for a better, more powerful game of golf.