Success stories from Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Acupuncture alleviates most of Tony’s hip pain after only three sessions

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Tony, age 33, came to Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City after experiencing pain and very limited range of motion in his right hip. He used to be involved in martial arts for many years, but these issues prevented him from moving well, and he reached a point where he could no longer participate. Tony sought out physical therapy because he wanted to return to his martial arts training and did not want to have surgery.

Upon examining Tony, it was found that he had increased pain on the outside of his right hip, as well as some swelling and tenderness when it was touched. His symptoms were aggravated when he engaged in any exercises that involved his right leg, and he also had weakness of the right gluteal muscles in his buttocks. Tony mentioned that he had been dealing with low back pain on his left side along with the hip pain and gluteal weakness for about 15 years.

Tony stated that he hoped therapy would reduce his hip pain and allow him to participate in all levels of exercise activity in physical therapy and at the gym without pain. In addition, he did not want to have another cortisone injection for his pain—which had been unsuccessful in the past—or undergo surgery for his hip pain.

With this diagnosis, Tony’s physical therapist crafted a program that targeted his hip and gluteal muscles with various exercises and other treatments. Unfortunately, he did not respond to these treatments consistently well because his symptoms continued to come back and get in the way. It was found that Tony did experience some relief from manual therapies, which consisted of massage, ultrasound and other techniques performed by his therapist. Based on this, Tony was referred to a course of acupuncture to manage his pain and help him progress through the rehabilitation process.

The acupuncture was combined with electrical stimulation, which uses electric pulses to contract muscles, and the overall goal of these treatments was to build back his strength and reduce his pain. After the first visit, Tony had improved range of motion in his hip and he said his pain was feeling “different.” After the second visit, he had regained full range of motion in the hip and the pain had decreased. After the third visit, Tony said that he only felt pain when he was getting out of the car.

Tony said that he was very happy with his progress so far, and that he will resume treatments after he gets back from vacation to make further improvements.

Tony’s situation shows that in some cases, physical therapy may not be effective at first, and other treatments may be needed as well. At Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of supplemental treatments that can be used in addition to physical therapy, which helps us to always offer a solution to your problem. If you’re dealing with pain of any type, we can figure out what’s causing it and what will ultimately make it better. Contact us at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment and find out how.