Success stories for Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Jeremy is able to complete all his scheduled races after treatment for foot pain

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Jeremy is an avid runner who has participated in numerous full and half marathons, but bothersome foot pain was getting in the way of his ability to compete. When he first came in to see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City, we noticed that he had weakness and restriction of movement in his hips and gluteal muscles, as well as poor strength in the intrinsic muscles of his left foot. As a runner, having weakness in these areas of the foot can be dangerous increase the chances of an injury developing in that region.

Before beginning treatment, Jeremy stated that his major goal was to return back to running destination races around that world, one of his great passions.

Based on the evaluation, Jeremy’s therapist Alan diagnosed him with lateral foot pain and a condition called peroneal tendinitis. This condition develops due to inflammation of a pair of tendons in the ankle, and is especially common in runners. For more information about peroneal tendinitis, read our last blog here.

What we did to help Jeremy improve at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City

Treatment for Jeremy included the Graston technique, cupping and mobilizations that were applied by the therapist to his ankle, calf and gluteal muscles. Jeremy also performed a series of strengthening exercises for his legs, training to improve the stability of his core, balance training, and foot and ankle exercises to increase strength and control. Finally, Alan analyzed Jeremy’s running patterns and made appropriate recommendations to improve his form, as well as his shoe selection.

Since working with Alan, Jeremy has been able to fully participate in all of his scheduled races during the 2016 season, which included the Star Wars Half Marathon, the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare (a half marathon and 10k) and the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. He is also currently training for the Jamaica Half Marathon and Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge, which are half and full marathons on consecutive days. Jeremy continues to come in for treatment every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain his body in preparation for his races, and he has been one of our greatest success stories at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City.

Jeremy had this to say about his treatment and overall experience with our clinic: “DSPT has gotten me through many races, and I’d have had to stop running long ago if not for them,” he said. “The staff is super knowledgeable and very friendly, and I swear by them for getting me through my training. They don’t just deal with the symptoms of a problem, they address the underlying causes so the issues don’t return. I love these guys,” he said.

We appreciate Jeremy’s kind words, and wish him continued success as he continues to pursue his rigorous running competition schedule. If you’re dealing with any pain of your own, our therapists are here to help you, too. Contact Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment today.