Success stories from Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Chuck resumes his regular swimming routine thanks to physical therapy

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Chuck was dealing with some pain in his right shoulder that was making it very difficult for him to swim and get through his workout routine. He came in to see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City complaining of this pain, which was also preventing him from sleeping on his right side.

Given Chuck’s predicament, we performed a full-scale evaluation to determine exactly what was going on with his shoulder. We noticed that he had tight lat and teres major muscles in his mid-back, which was restricting him from properly performing certain shoulder movements. Chuck was also experiencing weakness when rotating and moving his shoulder and had a reduced ability to rotate his shoulder overhead. Based on this evaluation, we determined that Chuck had a right biceps strain, as well as a condition called shoulder impingement.

Before beginning treatment, Chuck stated that his goals were to return to swimming, which was actually making pain in his shoulder worse. He also wanted to be able to sleep on his right side, his preferred position, which his injury was interfering with.

What Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City did to help Chuck improve

Based on Chuck’s condition and goals, we created a customized treatment program designed to build back strength and improve the function of his shoulder. Treatment included a variety of strengthening exercises for his shoulder and surrounding muscles, which were to be performed within our clinic and at home. We also performed manual therapy, and hands-on form of therapy that involves various mobilizations and manipulations, to improve the mobility of his shoulder. Finally, we prescribed several stretching exercises for the lats and teres major muscles and conducted stability training for the shoulder. As Chuck continued to improve and was nearly ready to return to swimming, we offered specific advice on proper technique to use while swimming in order to avoid further aggravation of his shoulder.

After completing treatment, Chuck was able to return to his regular workout routine and could swim pain-free once again. He now swims regularly and can do the breast and butterfly stroke without pain, and can also sleep on his right side.

Chuck had this to say about the outcomes of his treatment: “Before I came to see Alan, I wasn’t able to swim. I would try to go swimming, but it would make my shoulder worse. Now after completing physical therapy, I am able to swim again up and down the pool, sleep on my right side and mostly have no pain in my shoulder,” he said.

We’re happy to see that Chuck is back in the pool and swimming without issue, as we know how challenging it can be to be kept from the activities that you love. If you’re personally dealing with any form of pain that is interfering with your workout routine or daily life, we are here to help you. Contact Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment today, or click here to read our last blog for more information on bicep strains.