Success stories from Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Four months of hard work allows Angie to ski again after recovering from hip surgery

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Angie is a very active 31-year-old who loves to run and does so on a regular basis. But last year, as she started to increase her running mileage, Angie tore the labrum of her left hip, which is a piece of cartilage that protects and stabilizes the hip joint. This was mainly due to an issue called imperfect congruence of her hip joints, which is also known as hip dysplasia. For this injury, Angie received a left arthroscopy hip labral repair on in October of last year from Dr. Roy Davidovitch at NYU Orthopedics. Initially after the surgery, Angie had limited range of motion of her hip, had to walk with crutches and complained of stiffness in her hips.  This led Angie to visit us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City seeking solutions to these problems.

Before beginning treatment, Angie stated that her goals were to return back to her running routine and she also wanted to participate in a big ski trip planned for February. Following the surgical protocol as provided by Angie’s doctor, our team first worked to progressively increase her hip motion with a variety of exercises and stretches. From there, we worked on improving Angie’s hip strength and stability through targeted strengthening exercises, and slowly helped her return to higher level activities that would allow her to begin running once again.

In addition to the physical therapy work completed in our clinic, Angie was very diligent about doing her home exercise program. After four hard working months of exercise, stretching, manual therapy and education, we were able to navigate Angie through her rehab process! We progressed her through the stages of rehab and got her to doing agility and hopping drills before she completed treatment. Angie reported that she was able to attend her planned skiing trip, and will also start returning to a running program soon.

Angie had this to say about the outcomes of her treatment: “Four months after labral repair surgery on my hip, I am super excited to be back doing the things I love, even skiing!  My hip feels great and the DSPT team has been awesome in helping me regain my strength and mobility.”

Experience the same kind of success when you visit Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City

We are thrilled to hear that Angie accomplished her goal of taking that ski trip and that she’ll return to her running routine soon as well. Her story shows that even after having a surgical procedure, it’s possible to get yourself back on track with a focused rehabilitation plan and dedication to your prescribed exercises. We wish Angie future success in all of her endeavors, and invite any of you dealing with pain to come in to see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City if you’re interested in experiencing similar results. Contact us at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment today, or click here to read our last blog for more information on hip labral tears.