Success stories from Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City: Allison overcomes shoulder pain and prepares for her baby after six weeks of treatment

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Allison came in to see us at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City during her first trimester of pregnancy. She explained that she had a history of chronic shoulder instability and pain that had been particularly bothering her lately. She also told us that she had tried physical therapy in the past but had mixed results from it, pointing out that many of the exercises she performed tended to flare her up.

After conducting a complete evaluation of Allison’s upper spine, shoulder and posture, her physical therapist determined that she had pain in her neck and the front of both shoulders, which was greater on the left than the right side. Allison also had limited shoulder range of motion when performing overhead motions and internal rotation, as well as weakness in her rotator cuff and thoracic extension/rotation, increased muscle guarding, poor scapulohumeral rhythm with overhead arm movements and forward rounded shoulders. Based on this evaluation, Allison’s therapist diagnosed her with bilateral biceps tendinitis and began to construct an appropriate treatment program to address her condition.

Before beginning treatment, Allison stated that her treatment goals were to return to the gym and work out there safely without sustaining an injury. On top of that, she wanted to be stronger and live with less pain so that her shoulders would be stable for all the lifting/carrying/caring she’d be doing for her new child as a first-time mom.

How Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City addressed Allison’s condition

Considering Allison’s condition and treatment goals, treatment began with a series of exercises intended to strengthen her rotator cuff and scapular stabilizer muscles, as well as her thoracic spine extenders in her back. To improve her posture, Allison’s therapist also released her pectoral, biceps, upper trapezius, levator and subscapularis muscles. Once Allison began to improve in her flexibility, the treatment gradually progressed to focus on strengthening her upper body and core. Throughout her sessions, the therapist also paid close attention to Allison’s physical changes during pregnancy and modified her exercises accordingly.

After six weeks of physical therapy, Allison was able to work out at the gym and participate in both overhead weighted exercises and prenatal yoga without shoulder pain or instability. She also felt stronger during her first to second trimester of pregnancy, which alleviated her concerns about being able to manage caring for her coming baby.

Allison had this to say about her experience with us: “I have no problems with my shoulders and exercising with weights and planks. I feel more confident that I’ll be able to pick up my baby and manage carrying the car seat/stroller/diaper bag without injuring myself.”

Find out how our physical therapists can help you experience similar outcomes

Allison recognized that she needed to make a change in order to properly prepare herself for the baby on the way, and after only six weeks of committed treatment, she regained her shoulder strength and was confident in her abilities to pick up and carry her newly arriving child. If you have a similar concern and feel that you also may need to make a change, now is the time to do so. Contact Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy in New York City at 212-317-8303 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists today, or click here to read our last blog on biceps tendinitis.